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Dortmund and Frankfurt are 1 out, while Bayern and Stuttgart - at home

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At home and in the walls, especially when it comes to sports. This is not the case with two of the teams that have some of the most dedicated fans in the Bundesliga and the rivals are not thrilled when they will visit Eintracht (Frankfurt) and Borussia (Dortmund) respectively. But these two teams are the best guests, not the hosts, after 10 rounds in Germany`s elite. Dortmund and Frankfurt have won 11 points in their visits to foreign stadiums, given that they have played 6 games away from home. The third in this ranking is the Bayern Munich (Munich), which has 10 points in 5 games. Bayern, however, is the best host, sharing his position with Stuttgart. The Bavarians and Swabians have 13 won out of 15 possible points as hosts. But the elite guests of Frankfurt are far less solid than their fans and have 4 points out of 4 matches mentioned by cricket predictions at their stadium. Dortmund`s other winner is a 75% home win 9 points from 4 games.

Werder (Bremen) is the weakest host in the Bundesliga and has only 1 point in 5 home games. The worst as a guest is the strong at home Stuttgart - 5 losses in 5 away games and 0 points.


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