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Liverpool beat Manchester United in the Champions League at the youth

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Liverpool eliminated Manchester United 2-0 in a 1/8-final clash in the Youth Champions League, in which players play for up to 19 years. The duel took place at the Prudent Park stadium in Birkenhead, where matches according cricket predictions held the Merseyside Reserve. The entry for the first team, Ben Woodburne, scored the first goal in 11 minutes, and Rafael Camacho doubled in the 78th. The two teams also hit a beam in the first half.

The hosts, led by Steven Gerrard, were the better team. Nicholas Bot`s lineup was best presented by Tahit Chong, who is best known for his interesting hairstyle. Just after the Dutchman`s shot, the ball pulled into the crossbar of Liverpool`s door. The winner is determined only in one match, with no teams placed at the draw. The Atletico Madrid, Porto, Tottenham, Barcelona and Manchester City have already qualified for the quarterfinals. Later today there will be two games.

In the next round, Liverpool will play with Manchester City. (0)


1:0 Woodburn (11)

2:0 Camacho (78)

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