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Sampdoria destroyed Croton

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Sampdoria`s team defeated Genoa Croton 5-0 in their first 9th round of Serie A. The hosts started a whirlwind and led in the third minute when Defender Canmarco Ferrari hit the ball with his head in the crown door aftercentering from a foul. In the 12th minute, veteran Fabio Cualiarela was accurate to 2-0 in a penalty shoot-out, which was adjudicated as a violation of Arledd Ayeti against Dwan Zapata. In the 39th Canluca Capri, he made a new hit for Sam with a shot at a very close distance, taking advantage of a nice assault on Zapata. In the second part the hosts scored two more goals. In the 71st minute, 22-year-old Polish midfielder, Carroll Linetti, was left alone by the defenders of Croton in the penalty area and with ease made the score 4-0. Five minutes later, Linetti`s compatriot, David Kovvacky, who just appeared on the bench, also stretched the net behind Alex Cordas. Croton`s watchman was the main culprit for this goal as he made a nightmare after a teammate returned his ball. Cordas actually handed the ball to Kovachki, and after the 20-year-old Polish striker hit the ball passed between the legs of the guard. Sapdoria gathered 17 points and temporarily climbed to fifth place in the standings. We recall that the Genoese have played and postponed Luigi Ferraris` match analyzed by cricket live video stream with Roma. Kronet, whose composition again was not the rehabilitating trainer Alexander Tonev, is 16th with 6 points and the team continues to have only one victory.



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