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Kouttinjo returned to Liverpool

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Barcelona`s new star Philippe Coutinho, who earlier this month left Liverpool to join the Catalunya for a ? 145m transfer, returned to Merseyside. The Brazilian has received permission from his new club to travel on a private plane, the goal being to say goodbye to his former teammates, which he did not manage to do in the days around the transfer. Kouttinho arrived yesterday at Liverpool`s club base, and Adam Lalana and Alberto Moreno hurried to publish social networking pictures with their former teammate.

According to some sources today, Kouttinho has organized a farewell party, which will be visited by all the players and the staff of the Merseyside, including the manager Juergen Klop. However, it is not clear when and where this party will take place, given that this evening the team has a visit to Huddersfield at a match in the Premier League midfield.

Kouttinho is in Liverpool with his wife and daughter. Tomorrow he will come back to Barcelona to prepare for the Valencia match predicted by cricket predictions from the King`s Semifinals. It is curious that on that day - January 30th, but in 2013, Liverpool officially announced the transfer of Coutinho from Inter.

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