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Bayern presses Hainkes to stay, but is that a good move

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Football is a collective sport. You can not be selfish and just pursue your personal goals, said Jup Heinkes this week. These arrows were aimed at the striker Pierre-Emerich Obamayan who wanted to leave Borussia (Dortmund), but with the same success they could be fired at his own employers. Because the Bayern Munich (Munich) bosses have been totally selfish in recent weeks, trying to get the 72-year-old coach to extend his work beyond this season as opposed to his better judgment.
Heinkes told journalists that his answer is not, and that will remain so even if they make a stand on his hands. However, the club leaders Uli Hones and Karl-Heinz Rummeniggege do not want to hear. They are determined to change the mentor`s opinion as a compliment by compliment slowly and slowly piercing his hard armor, including players and journalists in the game. The club`s strategy has been evident since the beginning of the year, but that does not mean that it will not work anyway:they believe that Hainkes feels desirable and desperately needed given the lack of a decent alternative, and will thereforehelp.

At least the latter is not in doubt. Bayern`s renewed courtship accurately reflects the lack of good options for the successor to the expert. Hones and Roumeniguege do not reach agreement on a preferred candidate for coaching. The only one they would appoint immediately is Jurgen Klop, but he will not be available in the summer.
No one can reproach a club because he is so happy with his coach that he wants to stop him from leaving at the end of the season -;this is diametrically opposed to the usual dynamics in football. But Bayern`s offensive in this case has a darker and somewhat ruthless side.
It should be remembered that Hainkes decided in September 2012 to leave the post after season 2012/13 -;long before Bayern secured the services of Josep Guardiola and before the historic treble, suggesting that his family had asked him to withdraw from the hyperstressing life for the coach in Germany`s largest football team. Upon his return from the withdrawal at the end of September 2017, Heinkes reiterated that his wife, his daughter (and his German shepherd Kando), had been waiting for him back in May.

Bayern`s attempts to dissuade him are not just as opposed to his family`s assertive assurances, but also reinforce the suspicion that it is not certain the club predicted by answers for cricket tips knows what is in his interest. No one can know whether the spirit of harmony, reigning to Zenner Strasse after the return of the legendary coach, will be able to hold another season. Is he ready to get stressed out of the need to win two of three cups in one more year of work?
Heinkes, a worthy man who is not motivated by money, will wonder what his benefit would be. It seems like he has more to lose if he continues to sit on the bench until he turns 73. At what point does the happy relationship begin to decline?
Beyond the moral issues, it will not be easy to sell to the Hainkes project

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