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Kobe predicted a bright future for the Lakers

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Los Angeles Lakers Club Lover Kobe Bryant predicted the bright future of the team in which he spent his entire career in the NBA. The five-time champion of the League hosts Jimmy Kimmel`s popular show where he talks on a number of topics. `I see what happens to the Lakers, because Rob is an extremely close friend of the family, ` Bryant said, referring to CEO General Ellen Rob Pelinka, who for many years was his agent.

I keep in touch with some of the guys. Talk to Kyle Kuzma, with Julius Randall. The future is bright, but time and serenity is needed, he added.

Everything is a process to go through. We were also terrible, Utah eliminated us without taking a single victory. We have not become champions right away, reassuring Bryant fans. Lakers are at the bottom of the Western Conference with 11 wins and 26 losses and are currently in a series of eight consecutive games mentioned by cricket livescore without a win. The team has not reached the playoffs since 2012, when Kobe was still in the squad. For twenty seasons in the club`s ranks, Bryant recorded twelve appearances in the playoffs.

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