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Clinton with interesting recognition:My plan was to let Tottenham lose the title

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One of the most famous English referees, Mark Clintonberg, who has already dropped out of the Premier League judging, made an admirable recognition of the unforgettable Chelsea-Tottenham derby at Stamford Bridge in May 2016. The duel ended with a score of 2:2Lester Champion. Clintonberg then revealed nine yellow cards for spurs, and after the game, Musa Dembele was suspended for six games. Both clubs have unprecedentedly high fines. `` I allowed Tottenham players to self-destruct, so all media and people around the world say, `Tottenham lost the title. ` If I`d kicked out three of their players, what would be the titles? `Claptonbern deprived Tottenham of the title`It was a pure theater, Tottenham defeated himself, and Leicester won the first place I helped this game mentioned by contacts cricket picks with my style Some referees would strictly follow the rules that would mean that Tottenham had to finish with seven or eight people. lose and have the occasion to seek an apology, but I do notI gave them an opportunity for such an excuse because my plan was to let them lose their title. `

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